Electric Tankless Water Heater vs Tank Water Heaters

If you haven’t heard about the possibility to have endless hot water yet, then this article might be interesting for you. I’m going to compare tankless electric water heaters with tank-based water heaters. I can tell you from the start, that there isn’t any reason that makes the tank based water heaters better then tankless water heaters.

You might not agree with my idea, that electric tankless water heaters are better from all points of view because of the price of a tankless heating system installation. I can tell you that even if the installation of an electric tankless water heater might cost a lot more then the tank based water heater, you can consider the electric tankless heating system as an investment. The reason for that is if you have a tankless water heater the water heating bill will 10%-20% lower than before. Eventually you will get your money that you invested into installing an electric tankless heating system back.

By using the tankless heating system, which heats water only when you need it, you also protect the environment. This translates into usage of less energy. A tank based heating system works 24/7. There is another concern about tank based heating systems. Did you know that the hot water in the tank is favourable to Legionnare’s disease? This bacteria  is usually found in lakes, water supplies and so on. If the temperature of the water is right, the growth of the bacteria becomes dangerous and they also become lethal. Legionnare’s is a disease that infects the lungs and is usually lethal to smokers and older people. By having a tank based heating system with the water at a temperature between 95 and 130 degrees Fahrenheit, it will be perfect for the bacteria. The incubation period can be anywhere between 2 and 10 days.

Another important thing you will like is that a tankless water heating system never runs out of hot water. Almost all electric tankless water heaters are easy to install and their size is acceptable. If you have a big family and big home and you use a tank based system you will surely need a large place where the high capacity tank is stored and you will also need a very complex pipe system.

So if you got a new home or if you got a tank based heating system, the best choice for you is to get/replace a electric tankless water heater, which will give you endless hot water and 10%-20% off your water heating bills.

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